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I’ve thought about putting work up for sale on Etsy, and my current financial situation could stand to be improved, however incrementally.

So, tonight I took an outdated stack of “Now Tasting” cards from the winter promotion at work and started creating a little mini-works line. I’m hesitant to put anything I might normally show on Etsy as I fear it would somehow drive down the prices of what I did eventually put in a gallery – no one’s going to buy anything on Etsy for over $100, and why would someone pay gallery prices for something they could get on Etsy? The solution, as I can see it, is to create separate pieces specifically designed for sale, as opposed to the more “serious” works which may end up in a gallery someday.  Or just sit around in my studio waiting for someone to please just take them away.

Anyhow, you can buy my mini-works at my Etsy shop.



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