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Food Portraits.

While New York, I had the good fortune to have dinner with two amazing writers: Siri Hustvedt and Paul Auster, who are good friends of my father-in-law. Small world, eh? Anyhow, I wanted to get portraits of the two of them, but I also really wanted to shy away from anything featuring the face as it felt too “paparazzi” for me. What I came up with was portraits through food – these feel very intimate to me, but without being intrusive or exploitative.


Edamame featuring Siri Hustvedt’s hands.



Paul Auster’s wine glass and pistachio shells.



[All New York photos can be found here.]






Outside the Whitney.

[All New York photos can be found here.]

Taken while eating lunch in the café outside the Whitney Museum of American Art.



Strawberry Fields.

[All New York photos can be found here.]



View from the Hotel.

[Complete collection of photos from the trip will be found on Flickr – so far about 1/3 done with the uploading! – some more highlights will undoubtedly end up here.]




Weekend Journalizing.

This weekend in New York was very good for my journal – it would seem that this current journal isn’t being neglected nearly as much as previous journals have been. Hurrah! Here are some particularly relevant highlights – I won’t bore you with the pages of notes from the MoMA.  Though they are many. And glorious.



Octopus takes New York!

I just got home from a terrific weekend in New York where, among other awesome things, I got to hang out with the lovely Erin Partridge (after oh, being acquainted with her online for YEARS). She was subjected to the continuation of the octopus saga and enabled my current octopus addiction by pointing me in the direction of some sweet octopus graffiti. She was even kind enough to take pictures of all this nonsense as my camera battery had died by that point.

More New York-y-ness and octopii to come, in separate, unrelated posts.


Me with octopus (who is consuming my husband when he was late coming home from work) and a cup of Earl Grey at Bluestockings.



Me! Octopus! Skulls! What more could you want? (This was taken somewhere in the vicinity of the Bowery.)



Are we not the cutest, happiest artists you’ve ever seen? And as far as I know, neither of us is an octopus. I just thought I’d throw this one in there because it’s awesome.

Fun with Digicams.

My sister in law, the talented Sigga Tulinius, made this video using the “video” function on her Canon Digital Rebel. It’s amazing how awesome these little clips can be when edited together. Incidentally, this is the same technique used in the hauntingly awesome video for “The Sad Song” by Fredo Viola. [images appear to be busted, but the video itself works fine]


I’ve always said that I don’t want to go to grad school, but I am reconsidering that position if I could get a Master’s Degree in drawing octopuses.

Seriously, they are following me. First my jokey drawing of myself as octopus, and now I am reading The Master and Margarita and there’s this little passage wherein an octopus is mentioned and I had to stop at each sentence and draw the octopus!  The first drawing is the best and most interesting because I took an hour to do it and did it carefully with micron pens and watercolor pencils. After that, I found some markers in my studio and did the other two drawings with markers, because I like octopuses and all, but I wasn’t going to spend all night on them. (Also, the text for the first drawing is the most awesome.)  I honestly did each drawing directly after reading the text, which explains why I spent so much time on the first one – I had no idea that there were more octopii to come!


“It seemed to me, especially when I was going to sleep, that some octopus with supple and cold tentacles was stealing up to me, coming straight for my heart.”



“My beloved had changed greatly (naturally, I didn’t say a word to her about the octopus, but she could see something was wrong with me.)”



“I lay down on the couch and fell asleep without turning on the light. I woke up with a feeling that the octopus was nearby.”

It runs in the family.

I have been much too ill this week to do any art of my own, but today I received this from my mama… It’s just about the sweetest thing anyone has ever made for me, six years and one week after my first adult seizure and finally, a diagnosis.

(And the shells are for my nautilus tattoo, which is a statement on beauty, the golden ratio, Georgia O’Keefe, self-sufficiency and my attachment to the Atlantic Ocean. And the cherries are my favorite food. And the text didn’t scan well, but it says “radiance” “bliss” and “My mom loves me more than anything” in various places.)