nervousmotion artworks blog

Quiet and Tired.

I’m really feeling this grey/orange/green palette – early springtime with a few hints of life amidst the dreariness. I’m also really feeling The Weepies, from whom this title is ganked.

I’m experimenting with framing a bit; normally my pieces are pretty rectangular, I find a background that suits me and the elements are added into it. I’m glad I hadn’t cut the edges off this first (as I usually do) because I don’t think this piece would work for me without the spillover. It’s good to push the boundaries a bit, get even a centimeter out of my comfort zone. Especially since I need to work without a hard frame for the pieces I’m doing to illustrate Quintin’s poems.

He liked the “sample” page so much that he came up and hugged me whilst I was steaming milk at work today. That’s some love right there. I can only hope the rest of my work meets expectations! The next piece is for the letter “N” and the imagery involves curves and drawers and I’m stumped. I need to spend time with my boxes o’ scraps, but not tonight. Tonight is for sleepies.

[And oh, hi, the background of this piece is a page from one of my great grandfather’s art books and the plate on the verso is only a print of the Mona goddamned Lisa. I worry if I ever sold this that it would be the back side that ended up on display.]


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