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Obsessive Consumption

So, one of my totally amazing friends bought for me The Artist’s Guide To Making Money that I blogged about earlier. I have super duper special printing #58 out of 1000! SWEET!

This was a neat and especially fortuituos surprise to get after a really rough weekend at my day job. I read and thoroughly loved the ‘zine/book/independent publication while taking a hot bath in the clawfoot tub in the apartment that I slaved over a coffee grinder all day to be able to afford to live in. (Please do not question the validity or the grammar of that sentence. It’s been a hard couple of days.) I especially enjoyed the brilliance of Kate Bingaman, who draws out her credit card statements and sells the drawings in order to make her monthly payments. Brilliant! Also, her drawings of her daily purchases are charming and awesome.

It reminds me a bit of Donation Derby done by Dorothy of Cat and Girl fame: give her some money and she’ll draw what she does with it! Awesome! I even have a friend who sent her some money once and still has the drawing she sent him in return. And he let me touch the hem of his garment.

I won’t be quitting my day job soon, but perhaps I’ll do more collaging with my receipts as a commentary on the over indulgent consumer society in which we live. Or maybe I’ll just take a picture of my new pants from the Gap because they are truly, truly amazing pants.


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