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I’ve always said that I don’t want to go to grad school, but I am reconsidering that position if I could get a Master’s Degree in drawing octopuses.

Seriously, they are following me. First my jokey drawing of myself as octopus, and now I am reading The Master and Margarita and there’s this little passage wherein an octopus is mentioned and I had to stop at each sentence and draw the octopus!  The first drawing is the best and most interesting because I took an hour to do it and did it carefully with micron pens and watercolor pencils. After that, I found some markers in my studio and did the other two drawings with markers, because I like octopuses and all, but I wasn’t going to spend all night on them. (Also, the text for the first drawing is the most awesome.)  I honestly did each drawing directly after reading the text, which explains why I spent so much time on the first one – I had no idea that there were more octopii to come!


“It seemed to me, especially when I was going to sleep, that some octopus with supple and cold tentacles was stealing up to me, coming straight for my heart.”



“My beloved had changed greatly (naturally, I didn’t say a word to her about the octopus, but she could see something was wrong with me.)”



“I lay down on the couch and fell asleep without turning on the light. I woke up with a feeling that the octopus was nearby.”


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