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Mixed Media.

I really like webcomics that point out the futility of art school. Really, really. Perhaps this is just because I’m bitter that at the end of my college career, my thesis committee asked me why I bothered majoring in art in the first place. Perhaps this would have been a better conversation to have had, oh, four years previous. Anyhow, all is said and done now and I have a useless BA in Studio Art, a reasonably successful artistic life, and a job slinging coffee. Sweet. I’d like to point out for the record that I easily could have had the last two without the $120,000 investment in the first. Luckily, I got a lot of grants. I am only $16,000 in debt for my overpriced education! Awesome!


[from Natalie Dee]



I’m taking a short diversion from brain imagery in my journal to a fling with the heart. Hearts! Here are two – the first being an illustration of some song lyrics (because yes, I am that emo) and the second is a sketch for a painting I intend to do… whenever I get the cashflow to go to the art supply store and buy some canvas. (I also need more Micron pens. The red one went dead after this drawing. Sadness!)


“In days to come, when your heart feels undone, may you always find an open hand.” – The Weepies


The Prettiest Songs.

I’ve been behind in my artwork. When is any artist not behind in their work? Can it really be possible to be producing enough, both to satisfy the outer need for showing/commissions/whatever and the inner need to just keep making things? Anyhow, digressions aside, I finished a piece that was commissioned from me a mere six months ago. This is for my husband’s paternal grandparents who narrowed down what they wanted to “something with blue in it.” This was actually a lot harder than it would seem – everytime I started and found a background that appealed to me, it wasn’t blue. Nor could I find any strong blue imagery for a non-blue background. Finally, it all came together, albeit with a fair amount of orange. Let’s hear it for complementary colors!

This is Your Brain on Art.

I just finished reading Phantoms in the Brain, which not only included a lot of fascinating information, but fun diagrams! I have a bit of a brain fetish and adding some color to these pages has given me ideas about how I might included brain imagery to a series of work that’s been floating around my… er, brain… about epilepsy and the diagnostic process I’ve been going through for the past few years.


Projekt30 June Submissions

What better to do when awake in the middle of the night than help jury Projekt30’s June exhibition. You should go jury too, it’s open to the public, free, and tons of fun.

Here are some highlights!


Matt Beall‘s paintings are haunting reminiscent of Mark Rothko.


This Is Not Frida’s Foot by photographer Lynelle Miliate is a direct homage to one of my favorite paintings.



Beki Borman



Conor O’Donnell


Etsy browsing.

Browsing around Etsy and these pieces caught my eye… I wish I had money in the budget to acquire art! *sigh* Maybe next month.


Wicked Cup of Coffee by Badbird. This piece certainly reminds me of how I feel about work sometimes!



Zebra Sky Day by IceKubi – her whole shop is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.



Royal Family on Vacation III by Ricki Mountain. I’m a sucker for the mix of collage and abstract expressionist-esque painting.


Selling my soul.

I’ve added more pieces to my Etsy shop! Hoorah! You should buy some and help me clear the old stuff out of my studio to make room for the new!

I’m not the only one.

… drawing octopii. Mia pointed me to this drawing on Nut and Bee, and it is the very cutest octopus ever! Wheee!

Anatomy A Go-Go!

I love anatomy. I love art. Oh yes, I love the two combined. Recently, I found these pieces on the interblags and my heart swooned.


Anatomy of the Artist by Ellis Nadler



Le Cérébral by Lisa Congdon


Lisa Congdon has a whole show – Anatomie – on the theme of anatomy at Rare Device in Brooklyn. I wish I had known about it when I was in New York! I wasn’t more than two blocks away at one point, and that point was when I also had time to kill. *sigh*

Commisioned Postcards, #9 & 10

These two are the pair that I’m least thrilled about – the idea of having these hard workers against brightly colored strips was better as an idea. Removing the context from the images of the climber and the shoveler just made them look really awkward. They’re certainly not terrible, but I expected so much more.