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MoMA Highlights: Part 1

Since it is logistically impossible to actually live in the MoMA, I will try and at least document what I found most compelling, since I can at least live with a computer with internet access most of the time.

Dan Perjovschi: Right when you enter the galleries, there is a large wall that is being gradually covered in black marker drawings – small little commentaries on life/media/art that are really spot-on.  This is an installation being done over a period of time by Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi [this link features a large image of the MoMA gallery as it looks recently], and it’s incredible. If I could afford to, I would go back to the museum near the end date of the exhibition to see how it’s evolved.


Joan Mitchell: This is the only picture I took in the museum, and then my camera battery promptly threw in the towel, knowing it would be unable to compete with greatness. This piece – “Wood, Wind, No Tuba” was by far my favorite of Mitchell‘s works on display. I could live in this painting. [Click on image for original view – very, very large. Opens in new window.]

Jasper Johns: One of the most talked about artists in the art department at my Alma Mater, and seeing his work in person it’s easy to get why. (You always have to see things in person to really grok them, I believe, but for some artists this is more true than others.)

Robert Rauschenberg: Rauschenberg‘s work is the most compelling mixed-media work I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I find myself continually stumbling upon his work and being awed and inspired, not knowing the artist, and of course, it’s always Rauschenberg who makes my spine tingle.  I am deeply saddened that I didn’t get to New York for the recent Rauschenberg retrospective at the Met.

Terry Winters: His work reminds me of cellular structures, it’s deeply organic and presses against all sorts of nerves in my meager carbon-based body.


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