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I found the online gallery AniOman via Craigslist and I’m really, really impressed. I really like the format, it’s very viewer-friendly – the white background and simple framing really does a good job of replicating the brick-and-mortar gallery experience online. I put up a few works on the site, and thought I’d share some of the great stuff here.


Catalina Viejo – Las Tres Hermanas



milksong – With Those Wings In Your Spine



Nora Geist* – Nothing Special

[* note: webpage contains explicit erotic imagery]

Annette Aust – Yellow

Sanchez –  el dia que mi corazon no te sirva más


Random Photography: Lying on the Statehouse Lawn.

On my breaks from work, I like to lie on the lawn of the Statehouse because it has the nicest trees. It is also conveniently located across the street from the mall in which I whore out my soul on a daily basis. (I like to pretend that I don’t work in a mall because my Borders has a window to the outside world and a lovely park, but the mall is there nonetheless.) Last time I was lying in the grass I thought “I should bring the camera, I like the way these leaves look from below.” And so, I did.






Random Photography: A Matched Set.

You may not think of spice jars and medicine cabinets as being related, but it continually fascinates me that the same conditions we treat with medications were once treated with herbs, spices, and other natural things.  Fennel root was once used as birthcontrol. Avacado pits were a primitive IUD.  Even up until early last century, people were primarily advised to make dietary changes (the dreaded cod liver oil) to treat and prevent disease. Penicillin was made from mold. The medicine cabinet isn’t so far removed from the spice rack, it’s just time and packaging.


Orange & Grey.

More random photos – I was playing around with simple orange and grey compositions in the parking garage after work. And then the camera battery light came on and I went home. The end!


Random Photography: The Return.

I love random photographs. Love them. Love taking them, love looking at them – love love love. I’m now getting back into the art of random picture taking with my husband’s wee point and shoot because my more powerful Minolta hybrid is in the process of shitting the bed due to years of abuse. (I’m saving what little is left of it for purposeful missions and no longer carrying it with me on a daily basis.) Kári’s FinePix is… fine… but oh! My kingdom for a Sony Alpha!



Can’t Escape the Day Job.

I actually had a few evenings off this week and I actually managed to go to an art opening that wasn’t my own! Imagine that. It’s been… well, a long time.  Working evenings has this nasty side effect of not being able to go and do much of anything artistic or “cultural” because everyone else is on a 9-5 schedule and by the time you’re done at 10, everything has closed.  Anyhow, I ventured over to the Library Show at Firehouse 13 and what greeted me at the door? Portraits of Shakespeare and Vonnegut, rendered in coffee grounds. There it was – literature and coffee. My day job haunting me in this sacred space.

(For the record, I did have a lot more fun at Firehouse 13 than I do on a typical Thursday night at the daily grind [har, har].)


[Coffee portraits by Gunnar Norquist]

Hail Mary.

I didn’t want to post this earlier and ruin the surprise, but now that the work has made it to its intended owner, here is a collage I made for my dear friend Amelia Jane’s birthday.  It just came together all on its own – the Hail Mary road signs were sent to me randomly by my mother (who is in the habit of sending me scraps with no further explanation) and the Buddha in the bar has been sitting around in my scrap box forever.  Someone pointed out to me that I use a lot of these small black and white Madonnas, and it’s true – they’re both compelling and images that I have in abundance from my great-grandfather’s books.

This was specifically made for Amelia (as I am a starving artist with no money to buy “real” gifts) who was raised Catholic and has a great love and respect for the Blessed Mother.  She’s also rather tongue-in-cheek about faith and can certainly appreciate the humor in combining the Hail Mary with an image of a giant Buddha. Anyhow, I’m quite glad that she liked the piece.