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Hail Mary.

I didn’t want to post this earlier and ruin the surprise, but now that the work has made it to its intended owner, here is a collage I made for my dear friend Amelia Jane’s birthday.  It just came together all on its own – the Hail Mary road signs were sent to me randomly by my mother (who is in the habit of sending me scraps with no further explanation) and the Buddha in the bar has been sitting around in my scrap box forever.  Someone pointed out to me that I use a lot of these small black and white Madonnas, and it’s true – they’re both compelling and images that I have in abundance from my great-grandfather’s books.

This was specifically made for Amelia (as I am a starving artist with no money to buy “real” gifts) who was raised Catholic and has a great love and respect for the Blessed Mother.  She’s also rather tongue-in-cheek about faith and can certainly appreciate the humor in combining the Hail Mary with an image of a giant Buddha. Anyhow, I’m quite glad that she liked the piece.


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