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It’s very rare that I make art specifically for myself, but I had the inspiration this afternoon to use the boxes (I have three of them!) of old National Geographic magazines to make some small collages to hang on my wall in the living room. Right now, I’ve got some maps up and the general decorating theme in the apartment is map/travel related.  These little pieces are fun to do and a great distraction from the miasma of crap that is my life right now, so I’m thinking about doing a bunch of them and selling some on Etsy… it’s a good project to keep me busy and away from endless navel-gazing.



New Journal.

Life is quite hard at the moment and I’ve been pouring myself into my journal. (I’ve even been writing song lyrics like I’m still seventeen.) In addition to melodrama, I’ve been including several… colloodles (collage + doodle = colloodle).  While everything else might be fairly awful right now, my art is on an upswing. One of these little colloodles was even in the interestingness archive in Flickr! Who knew?!






A “Body” of Work.

Two new collages. I’m really pushing myself to keep working on an anatomy theme and not get sidetracked just randomly gluing things in my boxes of paper (fun as that is!) rather than focusing in on what I’m really trying to get done. If I want to put together a body of work (no pun intended), I’ve really got to stop messing about all the time. Hopefully a few weeks of focus will help me find a happy medium between strict discipline and, well, messing around.


Family Jewels



Getting to Know You

Iceland in pictures!

I finally finished editing my photos from my recent adventures in Iceland! They are available as a set on Flickr, and of course, here are some highlights.








Other Octopi!

Here are some octopus drawings I stumbled across today on Flickr. (Have I mentioned that I am having a torrid love affair with Flickr? Because I am.)  – #1 Lake Monster by wormulus

#2 m7 by  mari_arti

Love You Forever.

I stumbled across this photo from Flickr user sewnwithcare and… I have not the words. The text is from the children’s book Love You Forever, and even at a tender young age, this book would make me misty. Just thinking about it now makes me want to cry a little bit (in that “there’s just too much love” sort of way) and call my mama. Since my mama is long gone to sleep, I will share it with you instead.


I’ve been in Iceland visiting my husband’s family and showing some American friends around my adopted second home for the past 12 days. I’m slowly uploading the photos from the trip, and will certainly update when that mammoth task is completed. In the meantime, this is what I came home to: A beautiful, beautiful home with flowers scattered around (even in the bathroom!) by my wonderful, wonderful friend Amelia. I also came home to a very needy cat, who is not pictured, but is currently lying at my feet, as is her wont. Life is pretty damned good.