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Alicia Buelow

While browsing Myartspace this morning, I came across some amazing digital collages by Alicia Buelow (website here).  I have not the words – they are simply astounding.



Social Networking.

In my endless quest for self-promotion, I have joined some social networks.

Nervousmotion @ Myartspace

Nervousmotion @ virb


Alexis Anne Mackenzie

In a moment of great internet serendipity (reading the lovely blog see dorkas run – stumbled upon while obsessively combing over wardrobe_remix, as is my wont), I have stumbled across an artist whose work has given me an artgasm so powerful, I think I need a new pair of pants.

I actually thought to myself “Oh! If only I had some sort of blog to share this!” And um, self, I have words for you from the great philosopher Wayne Campbell: Live in the now. You already have a blog. Get some more rest.

Here, for your artgasming pleasure: Alexis Anne. This interview is also pretty great.

Brains… it’s what’s for dinner.

I went up to visit my parents in Vermont last weekend, which happily coincided with the annual library booksale. For $3, I got all I could carry, including a stack of old books about the brain.  And we all know how I feel about that… brains + art = love.