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Thanks to Lauren for pointing out the octopuses of Nathan Tersteeg! Hooray for octopus!



Lightbulb Medusa.

A drawing! From my journal! I really like how it came out. Yep.

Cut you!

I’m suffering from a free-time overload and also, a boredom overload. Sadly, I don’t have the energy for artistic endeavors (though I am trying hard to change this), so I spend most of my time reading webcomics. This one from Natalie Dee made me giggle – mostly because of the special relationship I have with my exacto knife.

(Fun fact: I have been using an exacto knife for an insane amount of time for years – I did my senior thesis in collage and at the height of it, I was cutting stuff for six hours a day. I have only once ever cut myself and it was in trying to remove the label from something. Smooth.)