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Daily(ish) Photo: May 20


Daily(ish) Photo: May 19

Daily(ish) Photo: May 17

With the new job, I’ve been working or sleeping so much that somehow EIGHTY TWO unprocessed images were uploaded from my camera today. They will appear on Flickr at some point, and I will be updating sporadically this evening with sort of “best-of” shots. I’m still trying to get one image a day – routines are still being established in this new version of my life, I’ll get there! Really!


Kat alerted me to the Black*Eiffel Spring Anthro-Collage-Ogie contest and I made this little piece as an entry. Hooray for spring! 🙂

ED: No prizes for me, sadly, but you can buy this lovely piece on <a href=”″>Etsy</a&gt;!

Octopus and Friends.

Tiffany Bozic’s fantastical creatures are just that… fantastical. And amazing. This reminds me a bit of a nautical katamari, but that could just be the influence of getting up at 5 in the morning to a meowling cat. In any case, katamari or not, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Daily(ish) Photo: May 14th.


I’m happy to note that a piece of mine has been featured on the website of the Clarendon Care Group. (Another piece of mine is on their After Hours page.) Pending installation of my scanner, other work may be featured as well… The computer situation in the new place is currently sub-optimal, but the demand for hi-res images has prompted my partner to set up the “real” computer this weekend. Perhaps I can get around to scanning my Div III from Hampshire as well – though that will probably take more time than I have available in the next few days. 

The lamp-post.

I am so excited for the new Narnia movie, I can hardly contain myself! In celebration, here’s a lamp-post. It’s the best I can do without having personal access to any magical wardrobes.

New, Improved, and Re-located!

I’m in the process of setting up a new “grown-up” webpage and settling into my new place in Boston. The move would explain why my daily photos came to a screeching halt as it ate up all of my daily *everything* for the past month.  The new place and new job are all very inspiring, so I’m hoping to be posting photos again and more art! 

This is across the street from me. Whoa.