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Inner Beauty.

The background images for this pair are MRI images of lungs. Branching away from the brain a bit in my medical explorations. Don’t worry, brain, I’ll be back. I’m disappointed with the grain-iness of the scans, despite the relatively high quality of my scanner.



A pair of pieces created with one of many, many medication information sheets from the pharmacy that litter my home. Skull stamp was a gift from my “domestic partner” and I love, love, love it. He also gave me a brain stamp, which I will definitely have to make use of as well.

Music of the Spheres.

I did this one a few weeks ago, but it just never got uploaded. I’m pretty happy with it, but I must say that I might never use those birds for anything else even though I still have a 12×12″ piece of bird-wrapping paper. Those wings! Such futzy cutting! I don’t know how some collage artists make such intricate pieces, I go nuts when my xacto blade goes dull halfway through a piece.