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Daily Photo: August 31.

I’m knee deep into the 98! photos I took at the MFA today. (MFA website)I mostly stayed in the Asian Art & Egyptian galleries, which is reflected in my subject choices. I very much wanted to see the Art Nouveau jewelry exhibit, but was sidelined by a mysterious stomach ache. Just as well as I’m probably going to be uploading and editing photos for the rest of my natural life as is! This is my favorite. I’m always a sucker for a good elephant.


3rd Day’s the Charm: August 30.

They say it takes 28 days to develop a habit, so here I am on Day 3 of Photos! With the new camera! So if I use it all the time, maybe I can learn what the heck I’m doing! 25 to go and this’ll be like brushing my teeth. As in, I’ll remember to do it every day or I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and run into the bathroom and brush frantically. You may end up with a lot of pictures of my bathtub.

Anyhoo. I went up to N’s office with him and took some pretty sweet photos of Boston as viewed from the John Hancock Tower. But my favorite picture of the day was the reflection of this fruit bowl. I’m a big sucker for un-intentional still life. And reflection. And fruit.

Hey, 2nd Consecutive Photo Day: August 29.

Like yesterday, lots of photos taken, very few saved. I’ve taken 130 photos since getting this camera and kept a whopping… 6. That ratio seems about right. Today’s other shots can be found in my “Not Quite Daily” Flickr set – some lovely beauty shots of vegetables!

Photo of Dubious Regularity: August 28.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my new DSLR, but most of them have been extremely experimental and so I haven’t really been saving many of them. This is the only one from yesterday that I’m even mildly pleased with. It’s a bit of a learning curve, learning how to wield this mighty beast, and man, I’m having a lot of fun figuring it out. Hopefully more good (hell, I’ll settle for decent) photos will come of it eventually!

First photos with DSLR!

It’s 11 on a Wednesday and my battery just finished charging. So, I just used whatever subjects were handy at the time… my cats. N was too busy taking pictures *of* me with the camera to be captured himself.

I am already so, so impressed at the differences in how I’m able to take pictures.

Last photos with ye olde pointe and shoote!

A very happy birthday indeed.

This should certainly help to increase the frequency of photo posts! N’s birthday present to me – he bought me my heart’s greatest (material) desire: A Sony Alpha.

The battery is still charging, and I need to upload some photos from ye olde pointe and shoote, but hey! DSLR! After wanting this camera from its very conception (I had a Minolta hybrid – which I loved to the point where it died of abuse – and practically creamed my pants after they were bought out by Sony and then Sony announced they were releasing a DSLR based on plans with Minolta… well, I coveted it from the start), it is mine! I can hardly believe my good fortune. Man, not only a camera, but someone who loves me enough to give it TO me. I’m the luckiest girl of them all.

“Working on Increasing Frequency to Near Daily Levels” Photos: Summer ’08.

While I hardly take photos as often as I should, I really fall even further behind in uploading them. These are a few favorites – a whole bunch can be seen on Flickr.


When I was in pTown, I saw a boatload of Frida-related merch. I guess Ms. Kahlo is enjoying an surge of popularity related to the bio-pic with Salma Hayek a few years ago and the various exhibitions surrounding her centennial. I have to wonder though how she feels about boho urbanites decorating their homes with her visage on their throw pillows. Given her criticisms of the consumer-driven capitalist American money-making machine, I can’t imagine she would be pro.

And oh, wow, a google search for Frida related imagery brought up this piece by artist Trek Thunder Kelly. While I do admire the gender-bending, again, I can’t imagine Frida enjoying being the “face” of Calvin Klein men’s briefs – but perhaps that’s the whole point.

Oh yes, I *did* fall off the face of the earth.

It’s been a really, really busy summer. Working hard, playing hard. My partner and I have taken advantage of my long-weekends (working 30 hours crammed into 3 days does have *some* advantages) and gone on some mini-vacations. Most notably, we went to Provincetown, which was my first excursion to the Cape despite having lived in New England for 90% of my life. We’ve also gone up to visit my parents in the Independent Republic of Vermont a few times. I’m still getting used to *visiting* Vermont and *living* in Boston, which is certainly bass ackwards from how things have usually been in my life.

Now to the business of updating this blog, and my website, and making some more art! It’s “back to school” time, which for me means “back to work!”