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Moving on.

This daily photo thing is going well, and it’s starting to gel with my daily sort of Buddhist “practice.” This can only mean one thing…

Blog about them both! At the same time! So, for the meantime, I’m changing directions and moving to a new space.


Daily Photo: September 16.

I guess I’ve got a sort of “bikes on sidewalks” thing going on. This one feels very different from yesterday’s, even if the subject matter is similar. I saw this bike with the leaves and it just felt so September-y, very fall, very back to school.

Daily Photo: September 15.

I love that the colors on the motorcycle match the colors on the fire hydrant. Great un-intentional urban still-life.

Taming the Beast.

I’m usually not one for how-to guides on anything artistic, but I started browsing this book – Mastering Your Digital SLR – at Borders yesterday while sitting in the café, and I ended up going home with it because it is by far the most practical guide to a DSLR that I’ve ever come across. It shows you bare-bones what the camera is capable of without being prescriptivist as to what you should do with the camera.

I’ve made some cheat sheets to carry in my mini-Moleskine (which I take everywhere and could wax evangelically about how I couldn’t possibly live without it) so that I can consult them “in the field” so to speak. This makes me feel like a huge camera nrrrrd, but so it goes. I suppose acquisition of DSLR has plunged me head-first from “I like to take pictures” to full-on photographic passion. Others have pointed out, and I strongly agree, that having a better camera doesn’t make you a better photography. But oh holy G-d, does it ever open up a lot more opportunities where photo-taking is concerned. And let’s face it, it’s a wicked fun toy.

So, yes, if you have a DSLR and you want to really get to know all of its many features, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book. Plus, it’s pretty.

Daily Photo: September 14.

This plant lives in my kitchen and was acquired simply because I thought a knotted tree was made of awesome.  I do my best not to touch it though, plants tend to see me coming and kill themselves. This photo is the closest I’ve ever gotten to it.

Frida @ SF MoMA!

Any Bay-Area Frida lovers reading this should be sure to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibit at SF MoMA before it leaves town on the 28th! Were I on the left-coast, I would sure make a pilgrimage there myself.

Daily Photo: September 13.

I love these chimneys in my neighborhood, they remind me of Mary Poppins.

Daily Photo: September 12.

I have no excuse for uploading this a day late. I’ve gotten into a routine of *taking* photos everyday, but uploading still gets procrastinated. I blame Spore. And my generally absent-minded nature.

This is one of a handful of photos from the Alpha that I’ve edited. I’m sans Photoshop at the moment and have been using Flickr‘s editor, Picnik. Picnik is fine and dandy for simple stuff like this (I adjusted the contrast), but man, I do miss Photoshop.

Another Frida sighting.

This time in the Back Bay Borders. She’s all the rage. I’m cataloging these just because I find it endlessly fascinating *which* women artists are considered “safe” for public consumption. Frida Kahlo was a disabled, drug-addicted communist and yet, we’re selling her work and her image like hotcakes! It goes against everything that she herself stood for, but we don’t care! She was “primitive” and “primal” and that means something to us in some sort of disconnected and sanitized way. You can like Frida Kahlo and feel that it means that you have an appreciation for art, that you are “multi-cultural.”

I could go on a similar rant about Salvador Dalí and how anyone between the ages of 18 to 25 who claims to be “really into art” and “surrealism” has a Salvador Dalí poster because they think he’s so clever. But that’s all I’m going to say. I’m way less interested in Dalí because his art doesn’t really do much for me. Frida… on the other hand… I find her endlessly fascinating, which is why I’m endlessly fascinated with the way that she’s promoted by the American capitalist machine.

Daily Photo: September 11.

I didn’t *mean* to take a picture of a tall building today, it just *happened.* This is the Prudential tower as seen through the jungle. Or the Borders on Boylston St. Either way.