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Daily Photo: September 1.

N and I celebrated our collective birthdays (his last Friday, mine this Thursday) with a Very Virgo Birthday party, which was a good excuse to practice taking portraits. I’m nowhere near as good with human subjects as I’d like to be. I would like to point out that “burst mode” on this camera is the greatest invention since sliced cheese. I can get four pictures at a time and in ONE OF THEM everyone’s eyes are open and hopefully also in focus! Yay! Those odds would explain how 138 photos on the memory card quickly lead to ~20 being kept and uploaded to Flickr. (All photos from today here.)

This is my favorite portrait from the day. We went up to the roof, whose awesomeness I hadn’t believed until now. It really is quite awesome and I’m sorry to have missed out on a whole summer of roof-reading, but hey! Fall is good reading time too! Here’s A & E making kissy faces, and that’s S’s hand pointing over their heads.


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