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Oh yes, I *did* fall off the face of the earth.

It’s been a really, really busy summer. Working hard, playing hard. My partner and I have taken advantage of my long-weekends (working 30 hours crammed into 3 days does have *some* advantages) and gone on some mini-vacations. Most notably, we went to Provincetown, which was my first excursion to the Cape despite having lived in New England for 90% of my life. We’ve also gone up to visit my parents in the Independent Republic of Vermont a few times. I’m still getting used to *visiting* Vermont and *living* in Boston, which is certainly bass ackwards from how things have usually been in my life.

Now to the business of updating this blog, and my website, and making some more art! It’s “back to school” time, which for me means “back to work!”