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Brains… it’s what’s for dinner.

I went up to visit my parents in Vermont last weekend, which happily coincided with the annual library booksale. For $3, I got all I could carry, including a stack of old books about the brain.  And we all know how I feel about that… brains + art = love.


This is Your Brain on Art.

I just finished reading Phantoms in the Brain, which not only included a lot of fascinating information, but fun diagrams! I have a bit of a brain fetish and adding some color to these pages has given me ideas about how I might included brain imagery to a series of work that’s been floating around my… er, brain… about epilepsy and the diagnostic process I’ve been going through for the past few years.


Anatomy A Go-Go!

I love anatomy. I love art. Oh yes, I love the two combined. Recently, I found these pieces on the interblags and my heart swooned.


Anatomy of the Artist by Ellis Nadler



Le Cérébral by Lisa Congdon


Lisa Congdon has a whole show – Anatomie – on the theme of anatomy at Rare Device in Brooklyn. I wish I had known about it when I was in New York! I wasn’t more than two blocks away at one point, and that point was when I also had time to kill. *sigh*

Sweet sweet brains.

In honor of my own neurological difficulties, I bring you the museum of Neuroscience Art. Behold the anatomically correct brains, fashioned from fabric! BRAINS! (I seriously had an artgasm over this one.)   [Via Bluelines]