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Lightbulb Medusa.

A drawing! From my journal! I really like how it came out. Yep.


Oh, how emo.

I’ve taken to illustrating song lyrics in my journal, because I am SENSITIVE. Really. I’m pretty happy with these little drawings, actually, emo as they may be. I’m especially happy with the last drawing, and I am totally completely obsessed with the song that it illustrates. I can not stop listening to it. It’s like an aural addiction.

“I have a recurrent dream everytime I lose my voice, I swallow little glowing lights…”  – Björk (Heirloom)


“My blood, my holy wine, tastes so bitter, so bitter and so sweet.” – Joni Mitchell (A Case of You)

“I wrapped you in blankets and carried you through the rain – may G-d forgive me for killing you in vain. Now you’re the flower that’s growing from your grave. Oh, my black-eyed Suzanne.” – David Vandervelde (Murder in Michigan)


I’m having an obsession with the human heart, at the moment. I guess this is a brief diversion from my brain obsession, while still fitting in the whole “Human anatomy is awesome” category.  The first image is the cover of my current journal (I have developed a preference for Moleskine sketchbooks). The second image is a drawing I did of the Purkinje fibers and the SA node: the electrical system of the heart. It’s pretty corny, but there’s a caption that got cut off when scanning that reads “When I’m with you, my heart lights up like a million watt bulb.”



Please note: This drawing was done from memory. Yes, I am dorky enough to be able to draw a pretty reasonably anatomically correct heart from memory. It’s one of my special skills.

Some More Octopii!

Another octopus. This one’s by Jared Chapman. Hooray!

This octopus by sherbetsticks was found while browsing the moleskine_users community.

Other Octopi!

Here are some octopus drawings I stumbled across today on Flickr. (Have I mentioned that I am having a torrid love affair with Flickr? Because I am.)  – #1 Lake Monster by wormulus

#2 m7 by  mari_arti


I’m taking a short diversion from brain imagery in my journal to a fling with the heart. Hearts! Here are two – the first being an illustration of some song lyrics (because yes, I am that emo) and the second is a sketch for a painting I intend to do… whenever I get the cashflow to go to the art supply store and buy some canvas. (I also need more Micron pens. The red one went dead after this drawing. Sadness!)


“In days to come, when your heart feels undone, may you always find an open hand.” – The Weepies


I’m not the only one.

… drawing octopii. Mia pointed me to this drawing on Nut and Bee, and it is the very cutest octopus ever! Wheee!

More adventures of Octopus.

Two more octopi-uses from tonight. At least two more to come that I have ideas for, but have not as of yet put on paper.



Octopus can knit four mittens at a time.



Who wants to fight octopus?


Octopuses a-gogo.

I can not stop drawing octopuses. It’s become a compulsion of sorts. It’s gotten to the point where I have a list of octopuses to draw next. Egads! Who knew invertebrates could be a muse like this?


When you didn’t come home from work on time, I wondered if you had been consumed by an octopus.



When octopus does his laundry, it’s all socks.



Octopus baby showers.



I’ve always said that I don’t want to go to grad school, but I am reconsidering that position if I could get a Master’s Degree in drawing octopuses.

Seriously, they are following me. First my jokey drawing of myself as octopus, and now I am reading The Master and Margarita and there’s this little passage wherein an octopus is mentioned and I had to stop at each sentence and draw the octopus!  The first drawing is the best and most interesting because I took an hour to do it and did it carefully with micron pens and watercolor pencils. After that, I found some markers in my studio and did the other two drawings with markers, because I like octopuses and all, but I wasn’t going to spend all night on them. (Also, the text for the first drawing is the most awesome.)  I honestly did each drawing directly after reading the text, which explains why I spent so much time on the first one – I had no idea that there were more octopii to come!


“It seemed to me, especially when I was going to sleep, that some octopus with supple and cold tentacles was stealing up to me, coming straight for my heart.”



“My beloved had changed greatly (naturally, I didn’t say a word to her about the octopus, but she could see something was wrong with me.)”



“I lay down on the couch and fell asleep without turning on the light. I woke up with a feeling that the octopus was nearby.”