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A very happy birthday indeed.

This should certainly help to increase the frequency of photo posts! N’s birthday present to me – he bought me my heart’s greatest (material) desire: A Sony Alpha.

The battery is still charging, and I need to upload some photos from ye olde pointe and shoote, but hey! DSLR! After wanting this camera from its very conception (I had a Minolta hybrid – which I loved to the point where it died of abuse – and practically creamed my pants after they were bought out by Sony and then Sony announced they were releasing a DSLR based on plans with Minolta… well, I coveted it from the start), it is mine! I can hardly believe my good fortune. Man, not only a camera, but someone who loves me enough to give it TO me. I’m the luckiest girl of them all.



I’ve been in Iceland visiting my husband’s family and showing some American friends around my adopted second home for the past 12 days. I’m slowly uploading the photos from the trip, and will certainly update when that mammoth task is completed. In the meantime, this is what I came home to: A beautiful, beautiful home with flowers scattered around (even in the bathroom!) by my wonderful, wonderful friend Amelia. I also came home to a very needy cat, who is not pictured, but is currently lying at my feet, as is her wont. Life is pretty damned good.


It runs in the family.

I have been much too ill this week to do any art of my own, but today I received this from my mama… It’s just about the sweetest thing anyone has ever made for me, six years and one week after my first adult seizure and finally, a diagnosis.

(And the shells are for my nautilus tattoo, which is a statement on beauty, the golden ratio, Georgia O’Keefe, self-sufficiency and my attachment to the Atlantic Ocean. And the cherries are my favorite food. And the text didn’t scan well, but it says “radiance” “bliss” and “My mom loves me more than anything” in various places.)