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I’m having an obsession with the human heart, at the moment. I guess this is a brief diversion from my brain obsession, while still fitting in the whole “Human anatomy is awesome” category.  The first image is the cover of my current journal (I have developed a preference for Moleskine sketchbooks). The second image is a drawing I did of the Purkinje fibers and the SA node: the electrical system of the heart. It’s pretty corny, but there’s a caption that got cut off when scanning that reads “When I’m with you, my heart lights up like a million watt bulb.”



Please note: This drawing was done from memory. Yes, I am dorky enough to be able to draw a pretty reasonably anatomically correct heart from memory. It’s one of my special skills.



I’m taking a short diversion from brain imagery in my journal to a fling with the heart. Hearts! Here are two – the first being an illustration of some song lyrics (because yes, I am that emo) and the second is a sketch for a painting I intend to do… whenever I get the cashflow to go to the art supply store and buy some canvas. (I also need more Micron pens. The red one went dead after this drawing. Sadness!)


“In days to come, when your heart feels undone, may you always find an open hand.” – The Weepies