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[All New York photos can be found here.]







Outside the Whitney.

[All New York photos can be found here.]

Taken while eating lunch in the café outside the Whitney Museum of American Art.



Strawberry Fields.

[All New York photos can be found here.]



View from the Hotel.

[Complete collection of photos from the trip will be found on Flickr – so far about 1/3 done with the uploading! – some more highlights will undoubtedly end up here.]




Weekend Journalizing.

This weekend in New York was very good for my journal – it would seem that this current journal isn’t being neglected nearly as much as previous journals have been. Hurrah! Here are some particularly relevant highlights – I won’t bore you with the pages of notes from the MoMA.  Though they are many. And glorious.



Octopus takes New York!

I just got home from a terrific weekend in New York where, among other awesome things, I got to hang out with the lovely Erin Partridge (after oh, being acquainted with her online for YEARS). She was subjected to the continuation of the octopus saga and enabled my current octopus addiction by pointing me in the direction of some sweet octopus graffiti. She was even kind enough to take pictures of all this nonsense as my camera battery had died by that point.

More New York-y-ness and octopii to come, in separate, unrelated posts.


Me with octopus (who is consuming my husband when he was late coming home from work) and a cup of Earl Grey at Bluestockings.



Me! Octopus! Skulls! What more could you want? (This was taken somewhere in the vicinity of the Bowery.)



Are we not the cutest, happiest artists you’ve ever seen? And as far as I know, neither of us is an octopus. I just thought I’d throw this one in there because it’s awesome.