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Octopus and Friends.

Tiffany Bozic’s fantastical creatures are just that… fantastical. And amazing. This reminds me a bit of a nautical katamari, but that could just be the influence of getting up at 5 in the morning to a meowling cat. In any case, katamari or not, it’s absolutely gorgeous.



Thanks to Lauren for pointing out the octopuses of Nathan Tersteeg! Hooray for octopus!


Glass Octopus.

I try to limit my octopii postings to things that are directly art-related. And while a mass-produced glass octopus isn’t really directly related… this is just simply one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. Anyone with $400 to spare is welcome to buy me this for Christmukkwanzaah.

Give the gift of Octopus.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost time to start Christmukkwanzaah shopping. In my continued interest to subvert the dominant paradigm and overthrow the patriarchy, I’ve pledged to Buy Handmade this year. You should, too. Especially if you buy existing art (and there are some cute little pieces on Etsy too!) or commission a new piece from me. Nothing says love like collage!

You should also think about getting me this octopus bag. It’s super cute.


If you love me, you’ll buy me an Octophant for Christmukkwanzzah.


I have some projects I need to start photographing/uploading, but in the meantime, have an octopus! This one is from Jenna


Some More Octopii!

Another octopus. This one’s by Jared Chapman. Hooray!

This octopus by sherbetsticks was found while browsing the moleskine_users community.

Other Octopi!

Here are some octopus drawings I stumbled across today on Flickr. (Have I mentioned that I am having a torrid love affair with Flickr? Because I am.)  – #1 Lake Monster by wormulus

#2 m7 by  mari_arti

I’m not the only one.

… drawing octopii. Mia pointed me to this drawing on Nut and Bee, and it is the very cutest octopus ever! Wheee!

More adventures of Octopus.

Two more octopi-uses from tonight. At least two more to come that I have ideas for, but have not as of yet put on paper.



Octopus can knit four mittens at a time.



Who wants to fight octopus?