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Frida @ SF MoMA!

Any Bay-Area Frida lovers reading this should be sure to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibit at SF MoMA before it leaves town on the 28th! Were I on the left-coast, I would sure make a pilgrimage there myself.



When I was in pTown, I saw a boatload of Frida-related merch. I guess Ms. Kahlo is enjoying an surge of popularity related to the bio-pic with Salma Hayek a few years ago and the various exhibitions surrounding her centennial. I have to wonder though how she feels about boho urbanites decorating their homes with her visage on their throw pillows. Given her criticisms of the consumer-driven capitalist American money-making machine, I can’t imagine she would be pro.

And oh, wow, a google search for Frida related imagery brought up this piece by artist Trek Thunder Kelly. While I do admire the gender-bending, again, I can’t imagine Frida enjoying being the “face” of Calvin Klein men’s briefs – but perhaps that’s the whole point.

Random Photography: Lying on the Statehouse Lawn.

On my breaks from work, I like to lie on the lawn of the Statehouse because it has the nicest trees. It is also conveniently located across the street from the mall in which I whore out my soul on a daily basis. (I like to pretend that I don’t work in a mall because my Borders has a window to the outside world and a lovely park, but the mall is there nonetheless.) Last time I was lying in the grass I thought “I should bring the camera, I like the way these leaves look from below.” And so, I did.






Can’t Escape the Day Job.

I actually had a few evenings off this week and I actually managed to go to an art opening that wasn’t my own! Imagine that. It’s been… well, a long time.  Working evenings has this nasty side effect of not being able to go and do much of anything artistic or “cultural” because everyone else is on a 9-5 schedule and by the time you’re done at 10, everything has closed.  Anyhow, I ventured over to the Library Show at Firehouse 13 and what greeted me at the door? Portraits of Shakespeare and Vonnegut, rendered in coffee grounds. There it was – literature and coffee. My day job haunting me in this sacred space.

(For the record, I did have a lot more fun at Firehouse 13 than I do on a typical Thursday night at the daily grind [har, har].)


[Coffee portraits by Gunnar Norquist]