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Can’t Escape the Day Job.

I actually had a few evenings off this week and I actually managed to go to an art opening that wasn’t my own! Imagine that. It’s been… well, a long time.  Working evenings has this nasty side effect of not being able to go and do much of anything artistic or “cultural” because everyone else is on a 9-5 schedule and by the time you’re done at 10, everything has closed.  Anyhow, I ventured over to the Library Show at Firehouse 13 and what greeted me at the door? Portraits of Shakespeare and Vonnegut, rendered in coffee grounds. There it was – literature and coffee. My day job haunting me in this sacred space.

(For the record, I did have a lot more fun at Firehouse 13 than I do on a typical Thursday night at the daily grind [har, har].)


[Coffee portraits by Gunnar Norquist]


Mia’s hands.

I went to visit Mia (and Seth and Eric, but since Seth and Eric were playing soccer, it was mostly Mia) this afternoon and got another photo for my hands series.  I think this one is pretty neat – Mia is a fiber artist and I got a few good shots of her at work spinning some pretty colored yarn.

Mia’s hands.



Full body Mia. She had just broken the string and was fixing it, but I really like this shot. Something about the movement of the arms is just really neat.


Inspired by the portrait of Siri Hustvedt’s hands with the edamame, I want to do a series of portraits featuring hands as the main subject. (Aren’t you glad that I chose that and not a series of photographs of various legumes?) These were taken today from some test subjects. (I like saying that, it makes me sound like a mad professor.)




Amelia Jane









Food Portraits.

While New York, I had the good fortune to have dinner with two amazing writers: Siri Hustvedt and Paul Auster, who are good friends of my father-in-law. Small world, eh? Anyhow, I wanted to get portraits of the two of them, but I also really wanted to shy away from anything featuring the face as it felt too “paparazzi” for me. What I came up with was portraits through food – these feel very intimate to me, but without being intrusive or exploitative.


Edamame featuring Siri Hustvedt’s hands.



Paul Auster’s wine glass and pistachio shells.