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Mirror Self.

It appears that mirrored self-portraits are stalking me. First, this article in Art on Paper: “I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR” and now, in my bloggish travels, I stumble across the following blog, to which I will totally be submitting the above photo: A VIEW IN YOUR MIRROR.

I’m no stranger to self-portraiture and while several of my favorite self-portraits [exhibits a, b, c] were taken with the aid of a mirror, I don’t typically include the mirror in the actual portrait. I must say though that there is something charmingly self-conscious about it, as well as the nice effect of face obscured by camera – the artist hidden behind her tools. It’s very hard to take a really great photograph that includes the camera itself, I feel. As soon as the camera enters the frame, it becomes the subject – a commentary on the medium, and anything else is just background. To take a picture of yourself with the camera is to make a commentary about self as artist – to proclaim “I am a photographer! See my camera!” The camera moves from simply capturing your image to being a part of the image of yourself – a part of your identity.

(Ok, so not all the works in the blog involve a mirror, but the title really got me thinking on the subject nonetheless.)