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Frida @ SF MoMA!

Any Bay-Area Frida lovers reading this should be sure to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibit at SF MoMA before it leaves town on the 28th! Were I on the left-coast, I would sure make a pilgrimage there myself.



Thanks, in part I’m sure to your support, my work is up at the Projekt30 exhibition for the month of May.

I’m wicked excited, to say the least. This is greatly awesome.

Wickenden St. Artist Collective!

I’m in Vermont with my family for Zombie Jesus Day (an oddity considering that I personally am Jewish, but by an odd twist of fate, my mother is Catholic) and I’m considering bringing home some of my work from my senior thesis and trying to sell a bit of it.  Seems like a good thing to do, especially since after some correspondence brought about by searching the “artists” section of my local craigslist, I’ll be showing my work with the Wickenden St. Artist Collective this week. So, um, wooooooooot.

The opening is Thursday night at 6, which I may or may not be able to make it to, depending on if I can get my Thursday night shift at work switched around. I probably can, but we shall have to see.

Stop by, buy some stuff! It’ll be super awesome!

243 Wickenden St, at the corner of Brook St, Providence, RI.