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Oh, how emo.

I’ve taken to illustrating song lyrics in my journal, because I am SENSITIVE. Really. I’m pretty happy with these little drawings, actually, emo as they may be. I’m especially happy with the last drawing, and I am totally completely obsessed with the song that it illustrates. I can not stop listening to it. It’s like an aural addiction.

“I have a recurrent dream everytime I lose my voice, I swallow little glowing lights…”  – Björk (Heirloom)


“My blood, my holy wine, tastes so bitter, so bitter and so sweet.” – Joni Mitchell (A Case of You)

“I wrapped you in blankets and carried you through the rain – may G-d forgive me for killing you in vain. Now you’re the flower that’s growing from your grave. Oh, my black-eyed Suzanne.” – David Vandervelde (Murder in Michigan)


Love You Forever.

I stumbled across this photo from Flickr user sewnwithcare and… I have not the words. The text is from the children’s book Love You Forever, and even at a tender young age, this book would make me misty. Just thinking about it now makes me want to cry a little bit (in that “there’s just too much love” sort of way) and call my mama. Since my mama is long gone to sleep, I will share it with you instead.