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Another Frida sighting.

This time in the Back Bay Borders. She’s all the rage. I’m cataloging these just because I find it endlessly fascinating *which* women artists are considered “safe” for public consumption. Frida Kahlo was a disabled, drug-addicted communist and yet, we’re selling her work and her image like hotcakes! It goes against everything that she herself stood for, but we don’t care! She was “primitive” and “primal” and that means something to us in some sort of disconnected and sanitized way. You can like Frida Kahlo and feel that it means that you have an appreciation for art, that you are “multi-cultural.”

I could go on a similar rant about Salvador Dalí and how anyone between the ages of 18 to 25 who claims to be “really into art” and “surrealism” has a Salvador Dalí poster because they think he’s so clever. But that’s all I’m going to say. I’m way less interested in Dalí because his art doesn’t really do much for me. Frida… on the other hand… I find her endlessly fascinating, which is why I’m endlessly fascinated with the way that she’s promoted by the American capitalist machine.


Daily Photo: September 11.

I didn’t *mean* to take a picture of a tall building today, it just *happened.* This is the Prudential tower as seen through the jungle. Or the Borders on Boylston St. Either way.

Daily Photo: September 10.

I really love these circular windows that look like portholes from a boat.

Daily Photo: September 9.

First signs of autumn… the older Schmoop went for her first day of kindergarten yesterday, and the leaves have started falling.

Daily Photo: September 8.

I was really excited about this photo I took this morning, until I got home and uploaded it and found that it was a bit on the blurry side. *sigh* Oh, the perils of candid photography. This woman’s dress matched the green line so well, I thought it warranted a photo. Of course, this was one of those opportunities where I couldn’t ask her to re-pose and the train to come back and open its doors again, so this was the best I could do.

Daily Photo: September 7.

Lazy Sunday. N got Spore today and that’s been taking up our lives. I have a creature named Don Quixote who is pretty much a lizard with antlers. Fun times. This isn’t an action shot of the great nerdery (though it *could* be) – this is actually N doing some work while I was busy evolving. And Tangerine judging me harsly, of course.

Motorists Urge to Free Tibet.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Tibet lately.  A string of teeny little serendipitous events has me delving head-first into the Buddhist philosophy that I was brought up with as a child, which, naturally, leads to Tibet.  I’m reading The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and also coincidentally coloring in my mandala coloring book, so it’s been at least in the back of my mind lately, if not right on the front burner. 

The wonderful nickyskye on MetaFilter had a post today on modern Tibetan art that I feel the need to forward to the three of you reading this who don’t also read MeFi. It’s truly, truly wonderful stuff. I’m still digging through the whole thing; there’s quite a lot of material! This piece by Gonkar Gyatso particularly resonates with me – his use of collage, juxtaposition of modern/traditional elements, and it’s just a wee bit tongue in cheek. I’ll be checking out the rest of the works throughout the day, and certainly mulling this over for a while. It’s excellent, excellent stuff. 

Daily Photo: September 6.

As promised, here is the whole set of photos I took during my trip to Plum Island. My only regret is that I didn’t find a trustworthy looking soul to take a photo of my mama and me together. Oh well. It was a really great trip, and I got some nice photos. I’m still not terribly good with landscapes. I’ve got a lot of photos of sand dunes where I kind of have to wonder “Really? Another sand dune? What exactly was going through my mind on this one?” I see a lot of really stunning landscape photography, but it’s just not my forte. I take a picture of a landscape and it’s totally uninspiring to the point where I wonder why I bothered. Stick to what I’m good at, I suppose. What I’m good at being random details and the occasional candid portrait.

This photo of the Boston skyline is, admittedly, totally uninspiring, but there is an actual *reason* why I took it. Coming into the city on the commuter rail this morning, this was the first time since moving here in May where I totally, totally felt like I *live* here. I saw the John Hancock Tower in the distance and my heart started fluttering with joy because I felt like “Oh, hooray! I’m HOME!” And this is what I saw when I had that feeling.

Daily Photo: September 5.

These are a few of my favorite things: sunflowers and the ocean.

Daily Photo: September 4.

In honor of the 27th anniversary of my emergence from the womb, my mama and I spent some time in Plum Island. We’ve been going there every year since, well, my birth, and it’s one of my favorite rituals. I’m still going through the photos from the trip and will post a link to the whole set with today’s photo when I’ve finished.

Here’s the photo from my actual birthday: my mama’s red toes in the sand.