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Daily Photo: September 16.

I guess I’ve got a sort of “bikes on sidewalks” thing going on. This one feels very different from yesterday’s, even if the subject matter is similar. I saw this bike with the leaves and it just felt so September-y, very fall, very back to school.


Daily Photo: September 3.

I took this photo on the bridge to the Children’s Museum and I’ll admit that my thought process was as follows: “I need a photo to post for my daily photo that *isn’t* of the kids and hey… about something with bokeh?” I also like the color combination of yellow and blue quite a lot. Perhaps not the most inspired of photos, but it’ll do. I did get some totally *amazing* photos of the kids, which their mother will enjoy quite a lot!

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday and I’ll be spending it at the beach with my own mother – photos will be taken and posted when I get back on Friday night.

Daily Photo: April 8.

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Day 21.

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