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Taming the Beast.

I’m usually not one for how-to guides on anything artistic, but I started browsing this book – Mastering Your Digital SLR – at Borders yesterday while sitting in the café, and I ended up going home with it because it is by far the most practical guide to a DSLR that I’ve ever come across. It shows you bare-bones what the camera is capable of without being prescriptivist as to what you should do with the camera.

I’ve made some cheat sheets to carry in my mini-Moleskine (which I take everywhere and could wax evangelically about how I couldn’t possibly live without it) so that I can consult them “in the field” so to speak. This makes me feel like a huge camera nrrrrd, but so it goes. I suppose acquisition of DSLR has plunged me head-first from “I like to take pictures” to full-on photographic passion. Others have pointed out, and I strongly agree, that having a better camera doesn’t make you a better photography. But oh holy G-d, does it ever open up a lot more opportunities where photo-taking is concerned. And let’s face it, it’s a wicked fun toy.

So, yes, if you have a DSLR and you want to really get to know all of its many features, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book. Plus, it’s pretty.


Lightbulb Medusa.

A drawing! From my journal! I really like how it came out. Yep.

Oh, how emo.

I’ve taken to illustrating song lyrics in my journal, because I am SENSITIVE. Really. I’m pretty happy with these little drawings, actually, emo as they may be. I’m especially happy with the last drawing, and I am totally completely obsessed with the song that it illustrates. I can not stop listening to it. It’s like an aural addiction.

“I have a recurrent dream everytime I lose my voice, I swallow little glowing lights…”  – Björk (Heirloom)


“My blood, my holy wine, tastes so bitter, so bitter and so sweet.” – Joni Mitchell (A Case of You)

“I wrapped you in blankets and carried you through the rain – may G-d forgive me for killing you in vain. Now you’re the flower that’s growing from your grave. Oh, my black-eyed Suzanne.” – David Vandervelde (Murder in Michigan)

Some More Octopii!

Another octopus. This one’s by Jared Chapman. Hooray!

This octopus by sherbetsticks was found while browsing the moleskine_users community.