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Daily Photo: September 15.

I love that the colors on the motorcycle match the colors on the fire hydrant. Great un-intentional urban still-life.


Daily Photo: September 13.

I love these chimneys in my neighborhood, they remind me of Mary Poppins.

Daily Photo: September 12.

I have no excuse for uploading this a day late. I’ve gotten into a routine of *taking* photos everyday, but uploading still gets procrastinated. I blame Spore. And my generally absent-minded nature.

This is one of a handful of photos from the Alpha that I’ve edited. I’m sans Photoshop at the moment and have been using Flickr‘s editor, Picnik. Picnik is fine and dandy for simple stuff like this (I adjusted the contrast), but man, I do miss Photoshop.

Daily Photo: September 10.

I really love these circular windows that look like portholes from a boat.

Daily Photo: September 9.

First signs of autumn… the older Schmoop went for her first day of kindergarten yesterday, and the leaves have started falling.

Daily Photo: September 5.

These are a few of my favorite things: sunflowers and the ocean.

Daily Photo: September 1.

N and I celebrated our collective birthdays (his last Friday, mine this Thursday) with a Very Virgo Birthday party, which was a good excuse to practice taking portraits. I’m nowhere near as good with human subjects as I’d like to be. I would like to point out that “burst mode” on this camera is the greatest invention since sliced cheese. I can get four pictures at a time and in ONE OF THEM everyone’s eyes are open and hopefully also in focus! Yay! Those odds would explain how 138 photos on the memory card quickly lead to ~20 being kept and uploaded to Flickr. (All photos from today here.)

This is my favorite portrait from the day. We went up to the roof, whose awesomeness I hadn’t believed until now. It really is quite awesome and I’m sorry to have missed out on a whole summer of roof-reading, but hey! Fall is good reading time too! Here’s A & E making kissy faces, and that’s S’s hand pointing over their heads.

Daily Photo: August 31.

I’m knee deep into the 98! photos I took at the MFA today. (MFA website)I mostly stayed in the Asian Art & Egyptian galleries, which is reflected in my subject choices. I very much wanted to see the Art Nouveau jewelry exhibit, but was sidelined by a mysterious stomach ache. Just as well as I’m probably going to be uploading and editing photos for the rest of my natural life as is! This is my favorite. I’m always a sucker for a good elephant.

Hey, 2nd Consecutive Photo Day: August 29.

Like yesterday, lots of photos taken, very few saved. I’ve taken 130 photos since getting this camera and kept a whopping… 6. That ratio seems about right. Today’s other shots can be found in my “Not Quite Daily” Flickr set – some lovely beauty shots of vegetables!

First photos with DSLR!

It’s 11 on a Wednesday and my battery just finished charging. So, I just used whatever subjects were handy at the time… my cats. N was too busy taking pictures *of* me with the camera to be captured himself.

I am already so, so impressed at the differences in how I’m able to take pictures.