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Daily Photo: September 15.

I love that the colors on the motorcycle match the colors on the fire hydrant. Great un-intentional urban still-life.


3rd Day’s the Charm: August 30.

They say it takes 28 days to develop a habit, so here I am on Day 3 of Photos! With the new camera! So if I use it all the time, maybe I can learn what the heck I’m doing! 25 to go and this’ll be like brushing my teeth. As in, I’ll remember to do it every day or I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and run into the bathroom and brush frantically. You may end up with a lot of pictures of my bathtub.

Anyhoo. I went up to N’s office with him and took some pretty sweet photos of Boston as viewed from the John Hancock Tower. But my favorite picture of the day was the reflection of this fruit bowl. I’m a big sucker for un-intentional still life. And reflection. And fruit.

Day 32.

All daily photos here.
I will be away in Vermont for the coming weekend, daily photos to be posted when I get back on Monday. 

Day 28.

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Day 19.

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Day 16.

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Day 11.

All daily photos here.
I will be in our nation’s capital from Feb. 29 – Mar. 3. I will post daily photos belatedly when I return.