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Another Frida sighting.

This time in the Back Bay Borders. She’s all the rage. I’m cataloging these just because I find it endlessly fascinating *which* women artists are considered “safe” for public consumption. Frida Kahlo was a disabled, drug-addicted communist and yet, we’re selling her work and her image like hotcakes! It goes against everything that she herself stood for, but we don’t care! She was “primitive” and “primal” and that means something to us in some sort of disconnected and sanitized way. You can like Frida Kahlo and feel that it means that you have an appreciation for art, that you are “multi-cultural.”

I could go on a similar rant about Salvador Dalí and how anyone between the ages of 18 to 25 who claims to be “really into art” and “surrealism” has a Salvador Dalí poster because they think he’s so clever. But that’s all I’m going to say. I’m way less interested in Dalí because his art doesn’t really do much for me. Frida… on the other hand… I find her endlessly fascinating, which is why I’m endlessly fascinated with the way that she’s promoted by the American capitalist machine.


Motorists Urge to Free Tibet.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Tibet lately.  A string of teeny little serendipitous events has me delving head-first into the Buddhist philosophy that I was brought up with as a child, which, naturally, leads to Tibet.  I’m reading The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and also coincidentally coloring in my mandala coloring book, so it’s been at least in the back of my mind lately, if not right on the front burner. 

The wonderful nickyskye on MetaFilter had a post today on modern Tibetan art that I feel the need to forward to the three of you reading this who don’t also read MeFi. It’s truly, truly wonderful stuff. I’m still digging through the whole thing; there’s quite a lot of material! This piece by Gonkar Gyatso particularly resonates with me – his use of collage, juxtaposition of modern/traditional elements, and it’s just a wee bit tongue in cheek. I’ll be checking out the rest of the works throughout the day, and certainly mulling this over for a while. It’s excellent, excellent stuff. 

Octopus and Friends.

Tiffany Bozic’s fantastical creatures are just that… fantastical. And amazing. This reminds me a bit of a nautical katamari, but that could just be the influence of getting up at 5 in the morning to a meowling cat. In any case, katamari or not, it’s absolutely gorgeous.


Two pretty awesome collage artists are attempting a collage a day for 2008. Michelle Caplan and Annie Yu are posting their work on their blogs (Michelle actually created an auxiliary blog for the purpose) and also putting them up for sale on Etsy.  That’s pretty great for the rest of us who get some art-candy everyday!

by Michelle Caplan
by Annie Yu

It’s also really inspiring. I want to do more little pieces this year for Etsy, in addition to trying to work on the body of work that I’m aiming towards gallery-izing sometime later this year. I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to one per day, but my new goal is three collages per week. I think I can do it! We’ll see.

Dragonflies, octopi, and nautiluses, ohmy!

I found these lovely creatures via Etsy, and wanted to share.

This dragonfly/octopus is part of a series by Amy Walsh of fantastical creatures. All of it is really lovely, but of course, the octopus captured my heart. Her Etsy shop can be found here.

 Tricia McKellar‘s work totally, totally amazes me.  Her collages are so beautiful, I kind of have to remember to breathe.  I’m especially fond of her plans & diagrams series, and this nautilus is simply gorgeous. [And for those of you who aren’t aware, I have a special love for the classic beauty of the nautilus, to the point where I have one tattooed on my back.]  Her Etsy shop is here.  And she also has a blog here.

Alicia Buelow

While browsing Myartspace this morning, I came across some amazing digital collages by Alicia Buelow (website here).  I have not the words – they are simply astounding.


Alexis Anne Mackenzie

In a moment of great internet serendipity (reading the lovely blog see dorkas run – stumbled upon while obsessively combing over wardrobe_remix, as is my wont), I have stumbled across an artist whose work has given me an artgasm so powerful, I think I need a new pair of pants.

I actually thought to myself “Oh! If only I had some sort of blog to share this!” And um, self, I have words for you from the great philosopher Wayne Campbell: Live in the now. You already have a blog. Get some more rest.

Here, for your artgasming pleasure: Alexis Anne. This interview is also pretty great.


I found the online gallery AniOman via Craigslist and I’m really, really impressed. I really like the format, it’s very viewer-friendly – the white background and simple framing really does a good job of replicating the brick-and-mortar gallery experience online. I put up a few works on the site, and thought I’d share some of the great stuff here.


Catalina Viejo – Las Tres Hermanas



milksong – With Those Wings In Your Spine



Nora Geist* – Nothing Special

[* note: webpage contains explicit erotic imagery]

Annette Aust – Yellow

Sanchez –  el dia que mi corazon no te sirva más

Projekt30 June Submissions

What better to do when awake in the middle of the night than help jury Projekt30’s June exhibition. You should go jury too, it’s open to the public, free, and tons of fun.

Here are some highlights!


Matt Beall‘s paintings are haunting reminiscent of Mark Rothko.


This Is Not Frida’s Foot by photographer Lynelle Miliate is a direct homage to one of my favorite paintings.



Beki Borman



Conor O’Donnell


I’m not the only one.

… drawing octopii. Mia pointed me to this drawing on Nut and Bee, and it is the very cutest octopus ever! Wheee!